What is bike sharing?

Bike sharing is a transportation system that allows community members to quickly and conveniently rent a bicycle for short-distance use.  With most bike sharing programs, people pick up a bike at a self-serve bike station and then return the bike to any bike station near their destination.

In its simplest form, bike sharing is any system where two or more people agree to use the same bike so that everyone can benefit. This means that anyone can start a bike share program - from neighbors and community organizations, to companies and governments.


Why bike?

Biking as a transportation solution has many benefits.  Here are a few:


Happy Heart

Biking can be a great source of cardiovascular exercise for many people.  Like with any physical activity, it's best to consult your doctor before hopping on a bike for the first time.

Happy Wallet

With no ongoing costs for gas or parking, biking is one of the least expensive transportation options available today.  In many cases, biking also cuts commute time.

Happy Earth

Bikes take much less energy to produce than cars do, and commuting via bike means less pollution and cleaner air.


Is bike share available near me?

Starting summer 2017, Motivate (via Ford GoBike) will install 7,000 bike share bikes throughout SF, San Jose, Berkeley, Emeryville and Oakland.  View an updated station map here.

While bike share is available in many locations throughout the Bay, it doesn't serve all neighborhoods.  We believe a true bike share for all is one that puts often-forgotten neighborhoods -- ones where the majority of neighbors are working class families and people of color -- first.  

Do you want to see bike share in your community?  Join the conversation and share your #bikesharegoals with us!

Even if bike sharing isn't available near you, there are some great community-led organizations that can help you get riding.  Learn more about our community partners here.


How do I sign up?

Ford GoBike offers single rides, day passes, and memberships online.  You can also purchase a pass at a bike station near you.  


If you think you might qualify for a low-income membership, we can help walk you through the process.