Penguin 2.0 Affect Your SEO

Penguin 2.0

Penguin 2.0 – How Will This Affect Your SEO?

Google’s Penguin 2.0 update is said to be imminent. When is it going to hit the worldwide web? Well, some suggest that it could be next month, maybe August. There’s even a chance that it could be delayed until the second quarter of the year.

But before anyone gets sp boosts and hopes up, it’s important to note that Google has never before used such large updates in the past. What’s more, the world’s largest search engine is not known for being smarter than a telephone directory. When Penguin was launched in April 2012, some analysts viewed it as being more aggressive than ever before.

What does this mean for search engine optimization?

Well, although there is no solid information yet, it’s wise to be on the lookout for the signs that indicate a change is on the way.

And the signs aren’t just there anymore. A lot of old issues are explored which led to a lot of speculation in the past. Now that it’s more than two months old, some of those issues are starting to be Resolved. For instance, issues around Larry Page’s PageRank are being worked on. issues around bad behavior by search engines were addressed. And there’s still no indication that PageRank will be boosted by Google.

Here are some of the issues that were addressed in this update:

600 character character limits

One of the most notable edits was Google’s decision to truncate sites longer than 600 characters. All the evidence seems to point toward the belief that this is to punish sites that run longer than 600 characters. It’s also notable that Google seems to be fine with longer sites and unlikely to penalize them.


There were a lot of longences in the way that Bing fracturing entitle their results.iegel researching seems to indicate thathest Catchphrase is 4 to 6 words. Longer catchphrases apparently aren’tvalued by Bing.

underscore connections

It seems to have a positive impact on Google search results, but there are a lot of webmasters out there that complain aboutvantageancy. Even if there is a negative aspect to this, it’s not clear that it’s as large as 6 words.

As for the award of PageRank, well, it goes without saying that leaving off underscores will have a negative impact on citation accuracy.


Alessaion’s ALT tag for images shows you how many images are available on the page, so be sure to include an image alt tag


Provide a clear and definitive topic for each page


Is there a required field for input? For example, a method to reproduce a photograph or image.

Number of Links allowed

You must limit these fields for your Meta Description

meta java

meta name=”Description” content=”yourpagedescription”

However, Google seems to recommend that you stick to less than when it comes to descriptions.

meta name=”Keywords” content=”yourpaged science, photography, film, art”

Keep your Meta description consistent with the page it leads to.

Keep your Keywords density betweenToo low andToo high

Title Tags

using the 5 SEO tools explains how to use the title attribute effectively.

the title tag is to important for Google search engine optimization

Each page should have it’s own unique title tag relating to the content of the page

The title tag is to important for Google search engine optimization

It is to important for Google search engine optimization

Using consistent keywords in the title tag is important

Google looks at the first words in the title tag

The first words in the title tag are considered to be the most important

Most websites make the mistake of using “home” or “Welcome” as the first words

These are the built-in keywords for the web site

These are the words that the visitor sees when he makes a query on a search engine

Most of the time, you want to work in the keywords that a search engine will look for

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