SEO and Content – Over Hyped?


What is SEO and Content

Content is king! Sorry Mr. or Ms average searcher, content is really king. Search engines SERP’ers are ranking your website based on content found on your website. That’s right, content is not some thing you wake up and have a certain amount of today, it is a daily effort. So why are SEO companies and content writers over-hasting it?

For the majority of small business websites, I see content Development as the weak link in the system. Everyone knows to put your web site on the computer, so why not build it into a content rich information portal?

Small Business SEO – Part 2

SEO consultants and small business owners are often working hand in hand these days. Understanding the intricacies of online optimization is second nature to them. However, there are some who still give SEO the wrong names, or completely ignore it.

To give you an idea of how SEO is really done, let’s look at the basics. Keyword research is in essence, deciding as to what words or phrases you are going to target. This is the first of the many ‘must do’ steps towards a successful SEO campaign.

In SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, it is the same thing, keyword research. Yes, a buyer can target the wrong keywords and this can be very damaging to your online marketing campaign. Both SEO and SEM are about getting ranked in the search engines for the right words and phrases.

Typical keyword research falls into two categories; 1) Relevance ( Finding keywords that potential customers will use when looking for your products or services), and 2) Competition (Evaluating how easy it will be to rank for particular keywords).


Relevance – By looking at relevant keywords, you’re essentially working out what people are looking for. Using the210,000,000 results found in Google for the term “lawn chairs” clearly shows that there is an awful lot of relevance in the search term “lawn chairs”. So this is an area to consider. SEO and Content


Competition – Ok, here is where you want to start. You want to make sure that the competition isn’t too tough. Remember, you can’t make money if you are ranked number one for a keyword that nobody is looking for. For example, you might be getting a few visitors per day for the keyword “veneers”. However, if it is in the millions, you might want to look down the list and start a new keyword instead, such as ” faultsume chairs”. SEO and Content

When done, you can create a page that is keyword rich, and place it on the target keyword. Then build links from this page to the money page, and out to other related pages or groups of links.

SEO is a never-ending process and you need to stay on top of it. Some professionals advise that you post 10-15 comments each day on related blogs and place your links within the post. Next, be sure to find some authority sites ( misinterpreted as unscrupulous links) and get links from them to your site. At each step you need to keep doing because the internet algorithm is ever changing.


You need to be constantly posting fresh, unique content that customers want to read. Use a funnel, which is basically a text based map that you can use to connect each blog post you make to a set of action steps that you want your prospect to take. By completing the action steps, you will start to see that the backlinks you build will start to appear more and more, and your search engine rankings will increase!